The Story So Far

Session 1 - Late-night attack

Everyone is sleeping/working late at night on board the Silver Star when a thumping noise is heard. Zof reacted first and got shot by a crossbow. A battle occurs, ending with Captain Avantika running off the last pirate.

The crew members overhear Captain Avantika yelling at the quartermaster, and she eventually confines him to quarters until the ship can make it to port.

It is revealed that the attack most likely had something to do with a previous encounter earlier that day, when the Silver Star had boarded another vessel for inspection,  because the pirates were wearing similiar outfits to the crew members from the other vessel. The characters recall that while boarding the other vessel, the Quartermaster had gotten into a scuffle with a crew member from the other ship.

Session 2 - Morning and Shore Party

The next morning, Emeryx goes to and talks with the Quartermaster, who mentions that he had gotten into the scuffle because he thought he saw a symbol on someone’s neck, and roughed the guy up for it. He believes that last night’s attack may have been retribution for that.

The symbol in question is a silver fist. It is supposed to be the hidden wartime family crest of the Silverhand family, and only members of that family or their servants are allowed to wear such an item. In Waterdeep, symbols have deep, personal meaning, and it was a point of honor for the Quartermaster to act in such a fashion.

Capt. Avantika sends the trio to shore to sell the recently aquired gear on the black market and to keep an eye out for that symbol.

They encounter a happy drunk by the name of Wu-Hu, for that is what he shouts when the party first enters the bar. The bar is also a front for the blackmarket. The players speak with the bartender, who shows them to a secret entrance to the sewers hiding behind a moveable bookshelf. The players make their way to the blackmarket shop to sell their recently acquired items, only for Zof to have his coin purse stolen upon leaving the shop.

Session 3 - An Unexpected Addition
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6